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The Army Survival Field Manual is a comprehensive guide published by the U.S. Army to teach survival techniques to soldiers operating under any conditions. This manual is designed to equip military personnel with the skills necessary to survive in a variety of environments, particularly in situations where they might be isolated, stranded, or behind enemy lines. The guide covers a wide range of topics crucial for survival, including but not limited to:


  • Psychology of Survival: Understanding the mental attitudes necessary to endure the stress of a survival situation.
  • Survival Planning and Survival Kits: How to prepare survival kits and make plans for various scenarios.
  • Basic Survival Medicine: First aid and health considerations in survival situations.
  • Shelters: Instructions on building shelters to protect against the elements.
  • Water Procurement: Methods for finding, purifying, and storing water.
  • Firecraft: Techniques for building and maintaining a fire under various conditions.
  • Food Procurement: Strategies for foraging, trapping, and hunting food in the wild.
  • Survival Use of Plants: Identifying edible and medicinal plants.
  • Poisonous Plants and Dangerous Animals: Recognizing and avoiding hazards in nature.
  • Tools and Weapons: Crafting tools and weapons from natural materials.
  • Desert, Tropical, Arctic, and Sea Survival: Tailored advice for surviving in specific environments.
  • Signaling Techniques: Methods for signaling to rescuers and communicating with others.
  • Navigation: Using the sun, stars, and natural landmarks for navigation.
  • Survival in Hostile Environments: Evading capture and surviving in enemy-controlled areas.


The manual emphasizes adaptability, resourcefulness, and the importance of being mentally prepared to face various survival challenges. It is intended not only for soldiers but has also become a valuable resource for outdoor enthusiasts, survivalists, and anyone interested in learning comprehensive survival skills. The Army Survival Field Manual is an essential guide that promotes self-sufficiency and the ability to cope effectively when faced with adverse conditions.

Survival Field Manual

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