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Our Story

A Better Way 2A was started after the Pulse Nightclub shooting. Friends of ours reached out with the hope to learn more about safe firearm ownership and handling, but weren't comfortable with taking a regular NRA class. It was after this that we realized that there was a significant portion of gun owners and enthusiasts who didn't fit into the typical "box" of Second Amendment supporters, but due to their stance on guns, were sometimes black sheep in their own political circles. We made some stickers with the phrase "Gun Rights Are Human Rights" to pass out in our classes and because of outside interest in them, decided to bring them, and this idea to fruition. 

Our Mission

We want to make the gun community better. Our mission is to create more inclusion in the gun community and to welcome the many diverse groups of individuals who are, and who wish to be, responsible gun owners. We do this primarily by creating 2A products that resonate with people from all across the political spectrum, by partnering with businesses who share similar values, donating to causes we love, and through advocacy. We want to work together to provide shooters of all backgrounds, gender identities, races, and religions with the best possible gear for their needs. As gun owners, we also see it as our responsibility to meet ignorance with education.  We aim to provide an avenue of understanding to those who disagree with us, instead of meeting them with the contempt they may be used to. 


It's not always clear which ways work best to do the most good, so we try to do a little good in a bunch of ways. We're also (sometimes painfully) aware that we don't know everything, so if there is a cause you'd like to see us support, a product you'd like to see on our site, or a suggestion, feel free to reach out to us and let us know!

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