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The Gadsden Flag originated as a symbol of freedom during the Revolutionary War. Since the Revolution, the flag has seen resurgences as a symbol of American patriotism, disagreement with government, and support for civil liberties. Unfortunately, some groups do not understand that "Liberty and justice for ALL" means exactly what it says. This has resulted in hate groups and extremist organizations bastardizing the use of this flag to suit their divisive rhetoric. This has caused confusion among Americans as to the true origin of the flag, and some have even begun calling the Gadsden Flag a hate symbol itself. This sticker is a response to those who seek to use the Gadsden Flag to push their divisive and hateful ideals. There is no room for you here. This sticker measures 2" x 3" and is printed on a white premium adhesive film with a glossy weather resistant laminate to give it a 2-4 year minimum outdoor life. Let people know where you stand by putting this sticker on your laptop, car, gun safe, or anywhere else you can (legally) reach!

Pull Up Honey Badger Sticker

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