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In the revolutionary spirit of the Rojava Revolution, Jinwar opened its doors in 2018 as a village for women to live without the patriarchy. At Jinwar, women live independently and work together to create sustainable livelihoods and build a future for themselves and their families.

Our heval is a psychotherapist who kickstarted a healing garden at Jinwar. This therapeutic project brings peace to the residents; women and children who have been affected by civil war, ISIS brutality, and Turkish State aggression.


Yellow Peril Tactical, A Better Way 2A, and Hevaltî Tactical have teamed up to raise funds for this new initiative at Jinwar through the sale of traditional Kurdish shawls. The proceeds from each shawl support this new healing garden and the merchant who crafted these scarves in Bakur.

In the spirit of the Rojava revolution, men wear these traditionally-feminine scarves to show their solidarity with their female military counterparts who have fought against oppression.


Show your support for the residents of Jinwar and grab one of these unique scarves.

Kurdish Shawls

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