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The "Improvised Munitions Handbook" is a publication by the U.S. Army designed to provide soldiers with the knowledge and techniques necessary to create munitions from locally available or unassuming materials. The handbook is particularly valuable in situations where conventional weapons and equipment are not available, such as in survival scenarios, behind enemy lines, or during unconventional warfare operations.


It contains detailed instructions on how to manufacture various types of munitions including:


  • Explosives and Propellants: Instructions on how to create explosives using basic chemicals or everyday items.
  • Mines and Grenades: Guidance on constructing homemade mines and grenades for defensive or offensive purposes.
  • Small Arms Weapons and Ammunition: Methods for creating rudimentary firearms and ammunition when standard weapons are not accessible.
  • Incendiary Devices: Techniques for making incendiary devices to destroy supplies or equipment, or to create diversions.
  • Fuses, Detonators, and Delay Mechanisms: How to make reliable fusing and triggering mechanisms for timed or remote activation of munitions.
  • Miscellaneous Weapons and Techniques: Various other improvised weapon techniques and devices that can be utilized in unconventional situations.


This handbook emphasizes ingenuity and adaptability, providing soldiers with the skill set to solve complex problems with limited resources. The content is typically intended for use by trained military personnel and includes a strong emphasis on safety and caution when handling improvised devices. 


We do not promote the use of the material found in this book for illegal purposes. 

Improvised Munitions Handbook

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