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Having quality medical gear is imperative for everyone, whether you're in the gun community or are just forward-thinking and prepared for what lies ahead. Unfortunately, quality stuff does not come cheap, and as a result, finances can be a barrier for those who wish to be prepared but can't afford it. That's why for Stop The Bleed month, were implimenting "Hookup The Homies" as a way for us as a community to help offset the cost of medical gear for those who need it.


How it works:


All funds generated from this method will be tracked and used to help people pay for medical gear on our website on a case by case basis. Anything from a few bucks to 100% of the cost of medical gear will be covered depending on the needs of the individual and the funds available. Because we're unable to create more than one price for this at the moment, the default amount will be $5. If you'd like to give more, please increase the number with the "+" icon next to the "Hookup The Homies" product in your cart.

Because we are not a 501 (c)(3) company, tax will be added to the total amount. Sorry about that.


If you would like to help, we prefer the following methods:

Venmo: @abetterway2a



But you may also add this to your cart as well. 



How to request assistance:


If you need medical gear but can't afford it, please email us at

Because we value your privacy, we're using the honor system here. Reach out to us and tell us how much you need. Depending on the funds we have available, we will then create a coupon code valued at that amount for you to use on a Bleeding Control Kit or comparable product.


This is a new concept for us and as such, we may encounter a few hiccups along the way. Bear with us as we work through them. We look forward to keeping our community safe with you.

Hookup The Homies

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