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The Army Explosives and Demolitions Manual is a comprehensive guide issued by the U.S. Army for the training and instruction of military personnel in the safe handling, use, and disposal of explosives and conducting demolition operations. The manual is designed to impart soldiers, engineers, and demolition specialists with the expertise needed to effectively employ explosives in various military operations, from clearing obstacles and constructing fortifications to destroying enemy equipment and facilities.


Key areas covered in the manual include:


  • Safety Precautions: Detailed guidelines on safety measures to prevent accidental detonations and injuries when handling, storing, and transporting explosives.
  • Properties of Explosives: Information on different types of explosives, including their composition, characteristics, and suitable applications.
  • Demolition Equipment and Accessories: Descriptions of the tools, accessories, and initiating systems used in demolition operations, such as detonators, fuses, and primers.
  • Planning and Calculating Charges: Techniques for calculating the amount of explosive required for various targets, considering factors like target composition and desired effect.
  • Demolition Procedures: Step-by-step instructions for setting up and executing demolition charges to achieve specific objectives, such as breaching walls or destroying bridges.
  • Obstacle Clearing and Construction: Guidance on using explosives for obstacle removal (e.g., clearing landmines or tree stumps) and construction purposes (e.g., creating craters or ditches for defensive positions).
  • Breaching and Urban Demolition: Specialized techniques for breaching doors and walls in urban environments, including close-quarters battle situations.
  • Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs): Instructions on constructing and using improvised devices for training or operational purposes, reflecting resourcefulness in the field.
  • Disposal of Unexploded Ordnance (UXO): Procedures for safely disposing of UXO, including identification and handling of found ordnance.


The Army Explosives and Demolitions Manual is an essential resource for military personnel involved in engineering, combat, and special operations roles. It provides a solid foundation in the principles and practical applications of explosives in military operations, emphasizing the importance of precision, safety, and tactical advantage. This manual ensures that soldiers have the knowledge and skills necessary to effectively use explosives in support of their missions, while minimizing risks to themselves and the surrounding environment.



We do not promote the use of the material found in this book for illegal purposes. 

Explosives and Demolitions

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