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The US Army Ranger Handbook is a comprehensive manual that provides the tactics, techniques, and procedures followed by Army Rangers. This guide is designed to be a practical, hands-on training tool for Rangers and other light infantry units. The content of the Ranger Handbook covers a wide array of topics essential for the training and operational effectiveness of Rangers. While the specifics can vary slightly with each revision, the handbook generally includes:


  • Leadership Principles and Operations - Guidance on leadership principles, duties, and responsibilities, as well as operational planning processes and considerations.

  • Patrolling - Detailed tactics and techniques for planning and conducting patrols, including reconnaissance, combat, and ambush patrols.

  • Mountaineering - Techniques for rappelling, climbing, and navigating difficult terrain.

  • Demolitions - Basic demolitions operations and handling procedures.

  • First Aid and Combat Casualty Care - Emergency first aid procedures and combat casualty care techniques.

  • Communications - Radio communications procedures, hand signals, and other methods of maintaining communication in various operational environments.

  • Land Navigation - Techniques for navigating with a map and compass, including night navigation and GPS use.

  • Waterborne Operations - Procedures for river crossing, small boat operations, and other waterborne activities.

  • Survival, Evasion, Resistance, and Escape (SERE) - Skills for survival in adverse conditions, evading capture, resistance against interrogation, and escape from captivity.

  • Military Operations in Urban Terrain (MOUT) - Tactics and procedures for fighting in urban environments.

  • Airborne Operations - Procedures and tactics for air assault and parachute operations.

  • Fieldcraft - Skills related to camouflage, movement under fire, and basic soldiering in the field.


The handbook is designed not only for the elite Ranger community but also for general infantry and other branches within the Army that might benefit from the Ranger Regiment's extensive experience and expertise in small-unit tactics and operations. It's a critical resource for anyone involved in light infantry combat and operations.

Army Ranger Handbook

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