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Both delicious and notorious for ending up places where they shouldn't: baked beans. Enjoy all of the fun with less of the mess by going Full Beanz. Now with 25% larger beans!

Lightning quick and flashy, the Wellsmade Bolt Sling was developed to be a premium alternative to mass produced slings on the market. The Bolt features an aluminum quick-adjust buckle that provides more toughness and longevity than polymer alternatives, and a tighter woven, low friction polyester webbing that's smoother and 50% stronger than milspec nylon. Additionally, every stitch sewn into the Wellsmade Bolt is double stitched to ensure that your sling will never wear out.

Made from 100% polyester 1" 1,200 lb tensile strength webbing and ITW milspec hardware, not backpack slides. All stitches are double stitched with milspec bonded nylon thread. Does not ship with any attachments. Will work with standard 1" compatible attachments, such as QDs or HK Clips.

Use discount code "SLINGTHINGS" at checkout for 10% off sling accessories with your purchase of a sling!

Wellsmade Co. Bolt Sling - Full Beanz

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