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The U.S. Army Sniper Training and Employment Field Manual is an official document that provides doctrine, tactics, techniques, and procedures on how sniper teams operate. The manual is comprehensive and covers all aspects of sniper training and the employment of snipers in the field.


Topics include in such a manual are:


  • Sniper Team Organization: Composition and organization of sniper teams within the infantry unit.
  • Marksmanship: Detailed training on shot placement, range estimation, firing techniques, and the use of different sniper rifles.
  • Ballistics: Instruction on internal, external, and terminal ballistics that affect the flight and impact of a bullet.
  • Camouflage and Concealment: Techniques for snipers to avoid visual, auditory, and electronic detection.
  • Stalking and Movement: Strategies for moving stealthily in various terrains without being detected.
  • Observation: Skills for detailed surveillance of the battlefield, including the use of optics and range finders.
  • Target Detection and Selection: Identifying high-value targets and understanding the rules of engagement.
  • Sniper Employment: Guidelines for the strategic positioning and deployment of snipers in various combat scenarios.
  • Fieldcraft: Survival, navigation, and other wilderness skills essential for operating in remote environments.
  • Mission Preparation and Planning: How snipers plan missions, including intelligence gathering and coordination with other units.
  • Communications: Secure communication techniques for coordinating with command and other forces.


The manual not only emphasizes technical skill and proficiency with weapons systems but also the mental and physical discipline required of snipers. It's meant to be a guide for the entire training cycle and operational employment of snipers, ensuring they can effectively engage targets and contribute to the overall mission objectives of their units.



We do not promote the use of the material found in this book for illegal purposes. 

Sniper Training and Employment

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