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3D printing pioneer Jstark worked tirelessly towards two simple goals: freedom of expression, and an individual right to keep and bear arms. In October of 2021, shortly after being raided by German police, he suffered a cardiac arrest and passed away.


The work of Jstark is very hard to completely comprehend unless you’re fairly integrated in the printable gun community. To those in the know, he was an anonymous European with a tough-to-crack accent who was very active and very vocal in the 3D printing community.


There’s no doubt he was a leader in the field. He managed internet chatrooms and groups about the development of printable arms, including ammunition, and he pushed heavily as one of the most instrumental people in the development of the FGC-9 – one of the first printable self-loading firearms which requires the purchase of no traditional “gun parts.” The idea behind the FGC-9 was a firearm that could feasibly be made anywhere in the world.


Jstark remained thoroughly anonymous and kept a fairly low profile until deciding to take part in an excellent documentary by Popular Front.


This sticker is 5.5" long and is printed on a premium white adhesive with a matte finish, giving it a 5-year minimum outdoor life.

Live Free JStark Sticker

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