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The Nekomimi headset cover by Hardcore Tactics is our new favorite accessory. Whether you're mowing your lawn or at the range, the need for tactical cat ears has never been higher. These nylon headband covers are compatible with most ear pro headsets, but fitting or modification of your headset headband may be required if it is very wide.



No modification required:

Peltor Comtac 3

Ops Core AMPs

MilTec Defenders


Due to the large number of ear protection manufacturers, we are unable to test every one, and there may be some that are not listed which do not need to be modified for the cover to fit.


Pictured is a pair of Howard Leight IMPACT Sport's which needed the headband removed for the cover to fit, but are still comfortable to wear.


Handmade in Japan

Hardcore Tactics - Nekomimi Headset Covers

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