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If you're looking for something to keep you cozy on those cold winter nights, this tricot shirt from the fatherland will definitely do the trick. Issued to the German army as one of their base layers, these shirts are no strangers to frigid temperatures, and are comfortable to boot. It features a high collar for retaining heat close to your body, with a zipper that can be lowered in case you get too hot or just feel like showing off some of your chesticles. Thats just an uncomfortable way of saying chest hair. You're welcome.


These shirts are made of tricot which is a common material used in base layers. They can be worn with thermals, as a base layer, or on their own for extra "mobility". They are an affortable, yet solid option to keep you toasty during your winter escapades.


- German Army surplus

- 100% Cotton

- Fits close to the skin so order up a size if you'd like room

German Army OD Tricot Shirt

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